Turmeric Face Mask to Lighten Dark Spots

I started doing this Ayurvedic beauty routine last week when I read that it whitens and moisturizes the skin, and supposedly gets rid of dark spots. It calls for turmeric, garbanzo (chick pea) flour, milk, lemon juice, and raw honey. The girl on this video comes close to the recipe. I ordered a 1/2 lb. of organic turmeric from Banyan Botanicals, I think, and have a good
store of raw honey, so it's easy enough to make.

Here's how I go about doing the mask:

1. Lay a big towel over two cushy bath mats to make a spa-like place for you to lie down (if you have the space and such.)
2. Turn on a space heater to keep the space warm and cozy
3. Fill you sink or bath with some hot water to moisturize the air while you relax
4. Have an iPod or iPhone lying to the side playing quiet music so you can rest meditatively

1 tsp. Turmeric powder
1 T. organic garbanzo bean flour
1 T. raw honey
1 tsp. lemon juice (which I haven't tried adding yet)
add milk a few drops at a time to create a spreading consistency. If you need more powder to thicken it up, I use more turmeric than flour.

Over the bathroom sink

1. Nothing
2. Because it stains things permanently
3. (Or wrap yourself with a towel you've dyed in turmeric.) See photo below.

I use my freshly washed and dried left hand to scoop out the raw honey from the jar, then use the cup shape of that upturned, now honey-filled palm to pour in the turmeric.

I then use my left hand to slowly mix an blend the turmeric into the honey I've the bathroom sink.

Observe the slow transformation from human being to Oompa Loompa as you spread it on your face, neck, and upper chest. Do this every other day for a month to see if you notice a difference in the evenness of your skin.

Lie down for 10 - 15 minutes while you let the mask sit on your skin. If you already had your music going, and your room warmed up, this is amazingly relaxing and pleasant. (Or if you just want to do a 5 minute facial, do it before you shower, then hop in and rinse of lovingly and gratefully.)

In doing this peaceful practice, or Sadhana, you are taking time away from the cares or even boredom of the day to nurture your body, mind and spirit. Allow your min to focus on the blessing of God's mercy in giving you the sweet honey in your hand made from thousands of bee voyages, and the deeply healing power of turmeric to freshen your skin and bled your body in other ways. Be at peace and feel God's love for you.

I like to wash off, Indian-style, by squatting in the bathtub near the faucet. I splash the warm water on my face. Sometimes bits of turmeric can get in the eye if you don't keep your eyes closed tightly. Your hands and face will have a yellow tinge to them, but this comes off easily with soap and a scrubby.

I don't know why, but sitting on my heels while washing off feels so timeless and helps me remember that I belong to billions of sisters who are in touch with the ground, the water they wash with, and their bodies in ways that are sacred, reverent, and divine. 


  1. I really appreciate it that you shared with us such a informative article. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Can we use it for oily combination skin


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