If your baby has diaper rash, try this simple Ayurvedic remedy to alleviate the suffering: Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of pure, organic Aloe vera juice (Kumari) to your baby's water bottle. As you probably know,
inflammation and burning are qualities that have to do with the firey Pitta being out of balance in the body.

Aloe vera juice helps to relieve the excess fire, or pitta, and can sooth the rash fairly quickly. This also works great as a way to prevent diaper rash. You can also dab it directly on the rash.  

Aloe vera juice (Kumari) is also a good elixir (rasayana) for the entire body and can be given to a baby every day in small doses during the early years of life. It helps to tone the tissues and organs, aid with digestion and elimination, and it enhances the health of top layer of the skin (the rasa and rakta dhatu, and twak).

The picture is sourced from the Sierra Club website page on safer baby bottle alternatives.

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