Learn this simple and deeply nourishing practice of Self Massage. Ayurveda has many useful tools for bringing balance and harmony to our body/mind.
Abhyanga takes 10 minutes. It's easy and you will enjoy the benefits life-long. Radiant skin, balanced hormones, deep sleep, immune strength are just a few of the benefits of Abhyanga. ~Aparna Kanolkhar
This sweet video by Aparna Kanolkhar is a demonstration of how to do abhyanga. You feel like a million bucks afterwards.

Seeing how this mother and daughter interact reminds me of how mothers and daughters care for each other in the Korean jimjilbang's or bath houses. In many areas of the world families are very comfortable caring for one another in this way. In our more impersonal, stressful lifestyle here in the states, it can seem like a strange idea, or feel uncomfortable. If this is the case, try it for one day on yourself. If you have children at home, you may eventually teach them this calming, timeless tool for self care.

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  1. Nice information on Abhyanga massage to support healthy life. I think, you can take kl massage also if you are in Malaysia.


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